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Who knew that eating as many ribs as you can could help raise money for Caldwell Fire Department

Monday, October 15, 2012 is New Jersey’s comprehensive police friendly business directory.  When we aren't connecting the men and women who serve our communities with local businesses that offer honest and reliable products and services, we're out looking for amazing community events involving New Jersey's bravest and finest. happy to bring police friendly news, including those that involve eating as many ribs as you can! 

Source: Caldwell Patch

The Caldwell Fire Department put on its first-annual rib-eating contest Saturday.

Five-pound trays of ribs doused with barbecue sauce were placed in front of contestants—six local firefighters and a police officer—who lined up on the municipal parking deck near town hall in Caldwell.

The contestants were Philip Young of West Caldwell, firefighter, Darren Sinclair of Caldwell, firefighter, Jarred Carlucci of Cedar Grove, firefighter, Mike Kraynanski of Caldwell Police, John Intili of North Caldwell, firefighter, John Kauffman of Essex Fells, firefighter, and Captain Don Jervis, Senior, of the Bloomfield Fire Department.

When the five minutes were up and the trays were re-weighed, the lone officer—Mike Kraynanski—was proclaimed the winner having consumed 1.9 lbs. of ribs.

To continue reading the entire article and to the check out the pictures from the event, please visit Caldwell Patch.

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